The Event

After we signed the papers, we took our niece shopping down Melrose. You know how when catastrophic events happen, people always remember where they were when they heard the

It was March 20, at approximately 5:30 ish p.m. We were inside Fitzsu when the phone rang. It was Rick and he had news. I stepped outside because I didn't want to cry inside the store if we lost the house. He said something like, "So I heard back and, (a few other things and a then a long pause) they accepted your offer." Mascara running down my cheeks, trying to keep it together, I go inside so Rick can tell The Mister himself. The Mister reacts like a coma patient. I panic because The Mister is not reacting like I am. Our niece's eyes darting back and forth in concern not for us, but for the shops that are going to be closing soon.

We are in a frenzy. Do we call people? No not yet, we aren't even in escrow. Ahh screw it, we call the parents because if we loose the house they will know exactly what to say. We don't tell friends because if we loose it, we just don't want to deal.

We get to the bank before it closes. Just in time to move our money around so when we cut the deposit, we don't bounce our check. Everything is in sync. Everything is moving according to plan. We are desperately hoping and praying it continues to be a smooth ride from here on down.

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