Painting Progress

Here is the progress so far on the house. We went with our first pick, Enchanted Eve. They have done the back and one side of the house. Below are pictures of the progress so far. I love it!

Pablo Picasso

We have our very own Pablo Picasso here in the Los Angeles area.  His name is Pablo, Pablo Soto, and he is amazing. Our siding looked like it had been through a hurricane and back. Pablo took a look a it and said, "I can make it look nice." He said all it needed was a little love. According to our mailman, our house had not been painted in the 29 years he has been delivering mail in our neighborhood. We were not surprised.

We cannot believe all the work this man is doing. I am convinced he is an angel from God. We love him so much and wish we had more projects so we could keep him around longer.

Our siding is done being prepped, sanded, and primed and now for the payoff, watching that beautiful color finally go up. We can't wait to share the finished product with you.

You can contact him at 818-219-5079