And Then There Was a Light Fixture

We have this amazing Milk Glass fixture that came with the house. We had been dying to get our hands on it. When we re-painted the kitchen, we decided to spruce it up.

When the Mister took down the fixture he realized it was in need of some desperate re-wiring. It looked like a fire hazard. So he re-wired and I cleaned up the caked on white paint. The Mister did an excellent job and I fell in love all over again. With both the Mister and the fixture. I spray painted the chain a navy blue using RustOleum spray paint. Once dry, the Mister put it all together and when that light came on, let me tell you it looked gorgeous! I wish I had a before pic of this fixture but you get the idea.

We're Baaack!

We have been absent for a long time. But it was only because we needed a break from the house. So we took a long sabbatical and actually enjoyed living in our house and not doing much else. We have been entertaining and having friends over and just enjoying life. But now we are back. Since our last update we have done a few things around the house. We painted our kitchen, hung some curtains in the office, and some other things here and there. Nothing major. We have a project coming up that we are excited about so stay tuned... In the meantime I will post some pics for you to look at.