The Estimates

After talking to Rick, and before completely giving up on the house, we decided to get some real world estimates to see what it would cost to take care of all these problems. We didn't have much time left. I found three reputable companies that were willing to come and give us an estimate over the weekend to see what bringing our house up to code would cost.

Saturday we had Carlos from Try Me Electric. This guy was awesome and he reminded The Mister and I of friends from back home in San Antonio. He gave us a complete estimate to redo the entire house. One con from this company is that they charge to come out and give an estimate. We were short on time and most people we called couldn't come on such short notice over the weekend.

Then we had Jim from Schuelke Plumbing come out to do an estimate. He told us we would have to replace the plumbing in the entire house. He gave us an estimate to replace the plumbing and get it up to code.

On Sunday we had Shawn Kyles, one of the parteners from Julian Construction come out to look at our foundation. We called them because they have a great reputation when it comes to foundation work. To the foundation estimate he added the cost of grading the back yard which is the main source causing all of the foundation damage.

We have a lot to think about. Our original offer doesn't make sense after all the work that needs to be done.

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