Somebody Pinch Me

Tuesday, March 17th and we saw another home we loved. We quickly put in an offer and actually heard back right away. The bank was considering us along with two other offers. We needed to submit our best and final. Sound familiar?

My niece was in town for Spring Break and we had planned a full day of activities on Wednesday, so we we didn't have time to think about it. Ok, I lie, we checked our phones every thirty minutes to see if Rick had heard anything. At the end of the day we heard back. The bank went with an all cash offer.

Thursday, March 19th, Rick had two properties to show us. The first one was in Eagle Rock. Awesome location, great street, kids were walking home from school, and the property seemed nice. We couldn't get in because someone had stolen the keys. Funny how things work out. But not to worry, Rick had another property up his sleeve.

He handed me the second listing we were going to see. The house looked gorgeous. I prayed this one looked as good on the outside as it did on the inside. When I read the address out loud it rolled off my tongue with familiarity and I knew why the minute we drove up. When I stepped out of the car, I had come home. And when we walked in, I knew with certainty this one was meant for us. While the Mister looked at foundation and structure, I was planning my house warming party.

It was near the end of the business day so we put the offer in early Friday Morning. And then we waited. A process we were very familiar with.

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