The Dreaded Inspection

After calling around for we settled on a company called Prime Home Inspection. A fellow by the name of Prentice Sherman was the gentleman who showed up to do our house inspection. We scheduled a 9:00 a.m. appointment and he was there on time and ready to inspect.

The inspection went well through to the afternoon. He had warned us that it would take a while. Prentice was thorough and very detailed and since this was potentially our first home purchase, we really appreciated that. He gave us an incredible report. If you click on the link, you can see a sample report of what we got after the inspection.

The results weren't great. We had a lot of problems in that house and unfortunately they weren't just cosmetic. Among the many small problems that eventually add up to big problems, there were big things that needed immediate attention.

  • Foundation work had to be done to the back room.
  • The electricity was obsolete and therefore needed to be completely replaced.
  • There were exposed water pipes running next to the electricity which translates to a fire hazard. The plumbing needed to be completely replaced.
  • There was also a termite problem. Fun right?
Our stomachs sunk. The guy I took home from the bar, didn't look so pretty in the morning after all. The Mister and I were about to embark on a lot of heart to heart talks.

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