Red Door New Light Fixture

We love our door. We went with Red Ink from Dunn Edwards after trying both the Red Ink and Red Contrast. We added a light fixture that has the same 9 lite panel as our windows! Next is putting up the plaque with the address numbers.


Christmas Morning

The Mister and I woke up to a wonderful surprise. The front of the house was painted! According to Pablo, our house has been stopping traffic all morning and everyone that walks by compliments the color. Our neighbor from across the street that we had not yet met came over to tell us how much he loved it. And it turns out that our next door neighbors who started out pretty apprehensive about "my color combinations" are not only on board, but they have hired our dear Pablo to paint their house! Is it bad to hope they don't paint it the same color as ours? I guess anything would be better than the boring color we all shared.

Below are the pics of the house.


Painting Progress

Here is the progress so far on the house. We went with our first pick, Enchanted Eve. They have done the back and one side of the house. Below are pictures of the progress so far. I love it!

Pablo Picasso

We have our very own Pablo Picasso here in the Los Angeles area.  His name is Pablo, Pablo Soto, and he is amazing. Our siding looked like it had been through a hurricane and back. Pablo took a look a it and said, "I can make it look nice." He said all it needed was a little love. According to our mailman, our house had not been painted in the 29 years he has been delivering mail in our neighborhood. We were not surprised.

We cannot believe all the work this man is doing. I am convinced he is an angel from God. We love him so much and wish we had more projects so we could keep him around longer.

Our siding is done being prepped, sanded, and primed and now for the payoff, watching that beautiful color finally go up. We can't wait to share the finished product with you.

You can contact him at 818-219-5079


Painting The Town Red

We are finally getting the house painted. All the homes in the neighborhood are painted the current color we have on our house except for the one across the street. We decided to have fun and go with color on ours. We are having a tough time deciding between these colors from Dunn Edwards.

In the first picture on the far left if Turbulent Sea DE5803, the one on the right is Mica Creek DE5823 and the one on the bottom is Storm Cloud DE6362. The last two pictures are the same color, Enchanted Eve DE6313. It's hard to capture what the last color looks like but it's more like a grey with a hint of green.  Any input would be much appreciated.

Trim is Swiss Coffee and door is going to be Red Contrast.

Would love to hear thoughts and suggestions.  Please let us know what you think!


And Then There Was a Light Fixture

We have this amazing Milk Glass fixture that came with the house. We had been dying to get our hands on it. When we re-painted the kitchen, we decided to spruce it up.

When the Mister took down the fixture he realized it was in need of some desperate re-wiring. It looked like a fire hazard. So he re-wired and I cleaned up the caked on white paint. The Mister did an excellent job and I fell in love all over again. With both the Mister and the fixture. I spray painted the chain a navy blue using RustOleum spray paint. Once dry, the Mister put it all together and when that light came on, let me tell you it looked gorgeous! I wish I had a before pic of this fixture but you get the idea.

We're Baaack!

We have been absent for a long time. But it was only because we needed a break from the house. So we took a long sabbatical and actually enjoyed living in our house and not doing much else. We have been entertaining and having friends over and just enjoying life. But now we are back. Since our last update we have done a few things around the house. We painted our kitchen, hung some curtains in the office, and some other things here and there. Nothing major. We have a project coming up that we are excited about so stay tuned... In the meantime I will post some pics for you to look at.