I hope this shit works-You gotta be shitting me

Now this is a shitty situation. Last night while showering we noticed a leak. It seemed that it was coming from behind the wall. I called Don J, and he told me he would be at the house first thing in the morning. Every time we would flush, the water would rise up in the shower. Don J, had in installed 4 clean outs around the house that lead to the main line. Genius. We checked the clean outs and the one leading to the main sewer line was backed up to the brim. I went to home depot and rented a 40 dollar 100ft snake. I rolled up in my pimped VW and didn't realize how big and heavy this thing was. I felt like a moron trying to get this 200lb piece of machinery in a VW Jetta. A young day laborer offered me some help, and thanks to him I got it into my car. I take back whatever i said about guatemalans. THEY ROCK. On another note I need a truck, but i love the mpg of my diesel car. that's another story.


For some reason people think that pipes are like going to a David Copperfield show. "Now you see it now you don't." Everything you put down there has the risk of clogging it up. We pulled out chunks of white hair, floss, roots, more hair, even old toilet paper from years ago. The best part was learning how to use the machine. It spins a cable around that has a blade at the end of it. It is dangerous. You have to really get a feel for it, and at the same time it spins off the poopoo water. So be prepared, it's some dirty ass shit. Still while doing it i had no chance of picking up breakfast and all i could think of was, damn i really want a burrito. My forearms were burning from the 100 yards but we did it 4 times. 100 yards in . 100 yards out. that is 800 yards of line. It sure as hell beats paying 400-500 dollars to rooter man. Plus i am a pro at fishing out turds. I will be taking the show on the road.

The water finally went down and the pipe was un blocked. ABRAKADABRA

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