Drumroll Please

We washed all of our clothes and as we folded everything, we both began to mourn what we would have to give away because there was no way we were going to fit the mound of clothes and shoes into those closets.

We put away and put away and put away until we were done. Surely there must have been a bag missing because when we were done putting away, we still had room left. But there were no bags missing so the Verdict? It all fit (insert happy dance)!

Elfa System by Container store has once again saved our lives.

I admit I was skeptical because our apartment had two full size closets that were about 6'ft each and we also had three dressers that were filled to the brim. We were spoiled. So when we bought two 4'ft closet systems, I did not think we could fit everything into those things.

Below is what our closets look like now! They still need to be organized a bit more but it sure is a whole lot better than what we had. This beats trash bags any day.

Mom, Dad, you can stop cringing now. xoxo

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