Final Inspection

So our last inspector was harping on an air gap for our dishwasher and wouldn't sign off until we got it. After showing him tons of documentation from the manufacturer that our Miele dishwasher did not need one he still asked for it. When we showed him documentation that LA does not require an air gap for our model he responded that although we were in LA county we were not Los Angeles city. Then he asked if we wanted hepatitis and e-coli (yes he actually said that) because apparently that is what not having an air gap causes. I guess everyone with our dishwasher in Los Angeles must have hepatitis and e-coli. Watch out.

So we called our granite guy to come drill a hole. He was swamped and we didn't have time to wait. We needed this done quick so we found a local granite contractor and he came over to drill the hole. I had something up my sleeve though. I had read online that other people were frustrated at having to drill an extra hole for an air gap they didn't need and so once they passed inspection they switched the air gap for a soap dispenser. We went to the WDC to pick on up. They happened to have one in stock that was the same brand of our faucet and matched perfectly. Sweet!

So today we had the final inspection. We have had the same inspector each of the 14 inspections but today a different inspector came. The new inspector was surprised that all he had to sign off on was an air gap. He was in and out in less than 5 minutes and he left us with a signature. A signature that means we are done! We asked him why our inspector didn't show up. Turns out our old inspector had to serve jury duty. God has a sense of humor. And we aren't stuck with an ugly air gap. High Five!

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