Ok, so you all know that for the past month we have been living out of bags and I do mean that literally. Every item of clothing we own has been stored in bags, big hefty bags and our shoes have been in boxes. Remember that list we posted? Off all the things we need to get done? Well we decided that before putting in a fence, or putting up blinds or doing any of the other major things, closets were in order. Closets are the key to organizing this house. It's like a domino effect. If we don't get closets, we can't get the bags of clothes out of the office, and if we can't get the bags out of the office, we can't move the office boxes out of the dining room. Catching on?

Our options once again were IKEA and Container Store. Ikea had wardrobe frames that you add drawers and clothing rods to. Their frames have doors which is nice because you don't have everything exposed. We found one that was beautiful but we weren't sure how sturdy it was. We compared that to the Elfa system at the Container Store and chose to go with that instead. Eventually we want to have closets framed out and we want to add doors but for now we just needed somewhere to put our clothes. Because the Elfa System is attached to the wall we can build a frame around it when we are ready to do that.

When we had had closets drawn up at the container store, they told us that when we were ready to buy them to give them a call and they could pull up the drawings and have them ready for us to pick up. In the last two weeks, we have made an almost daily trip to the Container Store. Most of those trips are to price things out mind you, but when the staff knows you by name... well you know.

So I call and I am trying to disguise my voice because I recognize Ivan, (Ivan designed our linen closet) but I have to give him my name so that he can pull up the order. When I give him my name he knows exactly who I am. I felt like I had been caught looking at porn. Oh the shame! But I was so excited that we were getting closets that I got over it real fast. He got our order together for the closets that Randy designed for us and we picked them up. We started late in the evening last night and had them up and running in just a few hours. Today we do laundry to fit everything in. So far though, we are each having more than enough space for our clothing. We will let you know how it goes. Below is the finished closet system. One for me, and on the opposite wall a duplicate one for The Mister.

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