It's Not Me, It's You

Our search was long. Some days were great and we were confident and others had us completely drained of hope. There were many times we didn't think it was going to happen and we wanted to give up and call it a day. We were only certain of three things. We knew it wasn't because we didn't have a good agent. We had the best one. We knew it wasn't because he didn't show us good properties. He showed us stellar properties. Most importantly it wasn't because we didn't have faith. We had all the faith in the world that God would make it happen when it was meant to happen for us.

I can't stress enough how unique our situation was. We were having a difficult time getting a home for three reasons. One, we were competing with all cash offers. Almost every house we lost, we lost to an investor. Two, we were also competing with other buyers who like us, had saved up for the day prices finally dropped in LA. It was a tough time to buy even in the downturn economy. Three, most of the homes in our price range were bank owned or foreclosures. In a city where you have more renters than home owners, you bet competition is going to be stiff.

Our budget was minuscule and everything in our price range was going to need work. We had to look at homes differently. We couldn't just say, we love it we'll take it. Some of the homes we loved, we couldn't afford to fix. The homes that didn't need that much work, everyone fought for. So as you can see, this wasn't your ordinary run of the mill home buying experience.

Rick was amazing at keeping us feeling confident. If our offers got rejected, he made sure to show us properties the following day. This gesture did not go unnoticed. He always went above and beyond. He made us feel like we were one of his million dollar clients. And anyone in this town who would do that for the Mister and me, is someone we will always give our business to.

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