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We must have called at least 20 flooring places to look for our hardwood floor. We only need enough for the bedroom because we are leaving the original in the rest of the house. We could have gone the easy way out and installed a pre-finished floor but we want to match the floor to the rest of the house. Problem? We have inch and a half red oak. Upon the recommendetion of our floring guy we asked the guys at TBG to leave the back room prepared for a 3/4 inch floor. I came across this place that sells 3/4 x 1 1/2 Red Oak for a phenomenal price and they will have it ready tomorrow. Not in two weeks and not for an arm and a leg! The guys were awesome and great over the phone. They never treated me like a moron and when we stopped by in person they were so cool! Talk to Oscar JR, or Juan. For a moment we almost felt like we were back in Texas with those two guys. Then we looked out the window at the blazing fire. Nothing like a little ash on your car to remind you that you are still in Cali.

Pyramid Hardwood Flooring & Molding

2830 E. Foothilll Blvd.

Pasadena CA 91107

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