Busy Day

I got a call from our contractor this morning and he told us they weren't coming in today. They are arranging an inspection for tomorrow and since they finished everything they needed to get done for the inspection they don't need to come in. This is the first day of privacy that the Mister and I have had. This whole week we've had the TBG Construction crew and the J&C Cabinet crew working around the clock so it's always chaos. It hasn't been a lazy day for us though. I arranged a few people to come in and give us bids on our shower door and counters. Three frameless shower door bids, three different prices. More updates on that later. Please pray our inspection goes well. If it does, we can finally have power in this place. Working out of two outlets is not fun.

We will be painting the bathroom today so that we can get it done before we have people back in our house tomorrow. So much to get done!

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