We have been very busy.

Making some serious progress. My parents were in town this past week and my dad, the Architectural Engineer was on the job site several times this week. He said that they guys were doing a bang up job, using the highest grade materials and working their ass off. We got to select were the lighting fixtures and recessed lighting go. PLUS where to pre-wire for surround sound. ANY TIPS WELCOME!

Now we need to make a decision about clothing dryers, gas v electric.We know gas is much cheaper to run, but they are all very big in comparison with the smaller 24 inch European ones that only seem to run on electricity. We are thinking of the bosch axxis, because of their size. We need all the space we can get, so we have to weigh both options.

This week we have completed rough plumbing, gas line, and rough electrical, plus we have installed a NORTIZ tankless water heater . This thing is bad ass, it only heats up the water you need. So it saves tons of energy plus it qualifies for the 2009 tax rebate. We can run our kitchen sink, flush a toilet, take a shower, and fill up the bath at the same time without loss of hot water. HIRSCH plumbing has a special on them for $659! It should be between $800-$1000.

Here are some pics of the guys getting ready to pour the footing. Easy as 1/2/3.On the last pic, that thing is solid, you couldn't move it if you tried. and yes my dad tried to move it.

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