Oui, Zee Doors Belong to Us

We searched high and low for a pair of French doors. But these were no ordinary doors Monsieur, these were Craftsman French doors or 9 lites as they are often called that we were after. The difficulty was not in finding the doors, it was in finding that style of doors that measured 24 inches each in width and finding them in our price range.

We had found the perfect pair at a salvage yard a while back but they would not let us put them on hold. The owner said he couldn't hold them but that we should not worry because it wasn't like anyone would buy them by the time we came in the next day. When we went back the next day to get them, we were too late. Yup, he sold them to someone else!

We called a million places and visited tons of salvage yards but at the end it was good ol'faithful Craigslist that pulled through and saved the day. I could hardly believe it. Someone was selling the exact same doors we needed!!! These doors were meant for our house. It was as if someone had taken them out and they finally made their way back home to us. With some divine intervention, a little luck, and a lot of fluke they sold the doors to us and my in laws were kind enough to get them for us as a gift. Thank you, thank you. We will always think of you when see those beautiful French Doors.

pictures coming soon

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