Smoke and Mirrors

Today we went to the Architect's office and he didn't have good news. To any and all who are going to buy a fixer and or who plan to make any changes to their homes please check your city's permit requirements. Each city has different rules.

If anyone tells you, "Hey don't worry about it, you don't need permits" don't take their word for it. In the city we are working in, you need a permit to fart in your own house. You can't even change a toilet without a permit. We were led to believe that we had nothing to worry about and now we are paying a big price for it.

When plans were drawn to make our house into a proper two bedroom home, like anyone in our shoes, we got excited. I had visions of tile and floors and paint and closets. Turns out the city won't allow extra square footage to be added. Had we known this, we would have saved ourselves a lot of grief, time and money.

Where are we now? Well according to the architect, because we demolished without a permit, we may not get the space back that we tore down. So even though we paid for a two bedroom house, this hiccup may have now cost us that 2nd bedroom. We have been demoted. Welcome to our Monday!

I cried like a baby in that office today. I felt so stupid but I couldn't hold it in. As he handed me a kleenex the architect says, "You should have come to me before you did anything. Why did you do this?" We acted out of faith, and we trusted in the advice given to us. I feel stupid but more than anything I am unbelievably angry.

The only sure bet in my life is The Mister. Of anything or anyone else I am not certain of. This quite possibly has to be the worst month in my life. When is it going to be over?

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