Divine Intervention Needed

As you all know we are trying to avoid getting nicked by the city. We went yesterday and lucked out, no citation. I hope we can get permits this week. The wait is hard, but if we can make it to the end of this week we should be fine. It sucks knowing your luck is about to run out, I pray to God, it doesn't. If a person takes a peek at the back we're screwed. The back of the house is missing. I hope the nosey people in the neighborhood don't call the city. I have never been so exposed in all my life. I am still waiting for the engineer to call, i hope he pulls through, if not it's plan B. I still can't believe i am in this situation. To all reading say this out loud. "Dear God please help the housestupids they really need your help. Amen"


  1. Amen. But I don't believe this is the most exposed you have ever been in your life.

  2. We will be praying that everything goes well. How stressful! Still need that address. Have a package for you!
    Texting Queen's Mama

  3. Thanks cory for reminding about that one time i want to forget.


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