Final Walk Through

We did a final walk through of the house with Rick. We still love the house and how it makes us feel when we walk in. It has great energy and it feels like it belongs to us. We took some measurements for the zillionth time today because each time we have measured, our numbers never add up. It should not be that hard to get it right darn it! Because I have OCD, The Mister knows that left to my own devices, it will take me hours so he took care of the measurements.

There was a surprise waiting for us on the kitchen counter. It was a hand written letter by the seller. It wasn't an e-mail, it wasn't typed, it was an actual letter on beautiful paper. Gone are those days. I had thought of writing a letter to the seller a while back but didn't know if it would be appropriate. But after receiving her letter, and especially after knowing how special this house was, it only seems fitting that we return the gesture. I want to assure her that we are going to do what we set out to do from the get go. We want to have modern conveniences without sacrificing the charm and character that we fell in love with.

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