Granite at Southland Stone

We purchased our granite at Southland Stone in North Hollywood back in May. We visited several places to look for the perfect stone for our counters. We even visited a few places our first contractor suggested but the pricing was awful and the customer service even worse. Long story short none of the places we visited compared to Southland Stone.

From the quality to the pricing, to the customer service, we were floored. Their selection is outrageous and the only thing I will say is that if you had your mind set on a particular stone, be prepared. You will see things you never dreamed of and you will change your mind at least ten times before you settle on a firm choice.

The young lady that helped us was Elena Gonzalez and she was helpful and never got pushy. I am not a fan of the hard sell and was so happy that no one did that here. She took us through the yard and allowed us to really take our time to look for the right material. We originally wanted to put in Soapstone but after coming across the Alpine White Granite we quickly changed our minds. They kept our slabs in their yard for three months without hesitation and we couldn't thank them enough because our project as you know if you have been following has been an interesting journey.

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