Frameless Shower Door

Today they come to install our long anticipated frameless shower door. Our door is not standard size so it's not like we can pop in to a store and pick one up. We did our homework and after meeting with several people who were quoting us $2000.00 and up for a glass door we found Superior Glass Service. They are in Silver Lake and they actually fabricate all the glass for most companies that sell frameless shower doors. So when you go to other companies and they say you have to wait up to three weeks for your door, it's because Superior is cutting their glass for them. And since Superior cuts for their customers first, the other companies have to wait in line. So basically by going to them directly you are cutting out the middle man and you are paying less than a third of what everyone else is quoting. Sweet!

One guy that came in was trying to sell me the shower door at $2100.00 plus the glass coating for $300.00 bucks. Then he said I had to buy the solution that would keep the glass nice but that I could only buy it from their company and I would have to buy it every three months. As he's saying all this he was handing me the pen and telling me where to sign. I may be a lot of things but a sucker I'm not.

We called Superior and Danny came over to do the measurements. He was fast, and the turnaround time for the door? A couple of days. And he told me the coating was optional. The coating here by the way only cost $75.00. And no special solution is necessary to clean the glass, just a squeegee to wipe off water after we shower is all the maintenance we will need.