Love in The Closet

I've grown up and my taste has changed. I no longer want the dirty grungy messy musician. I want the nice neat guy that smells good. And in this case, the nice guy's first name is Container and last name is Store. Sorry Mister but you have to take a step aside. I have found a new lover.

The Container Store, is having a sale. And I bought into it. And I am so glad I did.

We have one tiny closet but it needed to be finished out. The Mister and I tackled this closet like full on warriors. It took a total of one week. Yes you heard right. One week on 6 square feet.

We had to finish out the closet before we could outfit it. I primed and painted the closet four separate times. Not by choice. The paint was not sticking to the drywall and was peeling so I kept having to prime and paint all over again.

It didn't help that I wanted to stencil a design in there so each time I did it I had to re-stencil. The Mister only allowed me to do one strip because if I had done the whole thing, I would have taken another week. He however made me trade my stencil paint for a can of spray paint. I kicked and screamed and he took the spray can away and did it himself. I have to admit, it turned out great! Who knew The Mister had tagger skills. I should drop him off at the LA River so he can really go at it. The Mister also decided to put some carpet down on the floor and it left us with a closet begging for shelving. And we gave it just that.

The Container Store in Pasadena helped us figure out what we needed and we ended it up with great storage. Pics from start to finish.

p.s. the pink hue is from a covering that we have on our windows. The room is not pink and neither is the closet.

p.p.s. We unpacked 8 boxes and we still have room in that closet for all the linens that need to go in there. Great investment.

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