Framing Thieves

Today we are picking out where our windows should go. The framing is up and we have gone through 3 inspections without any problems. The subfloor is rock solid and leveled so that when we put our hardwood floor it will be flush with the rest of the house.

We camped out at the house last night because all of our stuff is there and if that would get stolen we would be sunk.

Hector, the worker who stays at the house during the week, told me that my neighbor is stealing buckets of water from my front faucet at night. We were going to confront them, but we decided it was a great opportunity to have some fun. We haven't singled out one particular plan, so we are open to suggestions. We did buy a faucet lock. The misses wants to jump out of the bushes with a covered panty hosed face and a camera. I just want to exercise my Texas right and shoot whoever is on my property.

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  1. I would just walk outside and ask him what the HECK he thinks he's doing. Maybe he is fine with loaning you some water. DON'T let him take the figs!


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