Welcome Back

Yes, we know, it's been a while. We apologize. Good news is we are still alive. Bad news is... the stress finally caught up with us. The Mister and I have been ill. From eye styes, to ulcers, to everything in between. Stress will do that.

In the meantime, since we can't be out and about and are bedridden, we figured we would post away. We have some things we can update you on. Nothing exciting. More like places where we have found excellent deals and little projects we have done here and there.

Regardless of the outcome on our home, we still need to have our materials ready to go. When we finally do start back up on the home (lord willing), we don't want to have one more reason to stall the project.

We have found some amazing deals here in Los Angeles as well as over the internet that we would love to share. Hopefully you may find some of it helpful.

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