Clawfoot Tub Hardware

We looked everywhere for hardware for my clawfoot. Because my clawfoot requires a tub wall mount we had a more difficult time finding all the hardware for it.

Most companies make deck mount and free standing hardware because the clawfoot tubs they sell now require that hardware but finding hardware for mine was hard. We kept getting quotes in the $800 and up range which included the water lines and the faucet but the faucets were not what I had in mind. Even when I found a faucet I liked I had to buy all the rest of the hardware separately and it was coming out to be way too much.

I found a place called Vintage Tub and Bath online. They had a package with the faucet I was looking for plus all the hardware I would need for $270 plus free shipping. Score! My only complaint is that they do take a little while to ship but on the bright side, my hardware looked better than the pictures on the site and I did not pay for shipping costs. They have most of what you will be looking for when redoing your tub. They even have custom paint colors to paint your tub if you are looking for that.

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