This Pots A Boiled

The Mister filled me in on yesterday's events. I was livid, angry, and felt let down. I was stressed about my job and then this curveball hit me like a ton of bricks.

I don't do well with surprises especially when they involve an investment in which I have dumped every penny to my name. An investment in which every cent has been accounted for and has a place in our budget. Shortcuts don't exist.

Today The Mister spoke to the city. I'm glad I wasn't there because not only would I have been devastated and completely destroyed but the lid to this boiling pot would have finally blown. He says there might be a way to work it out. I trust him and I hope he is right. Once again its The Mister and me against the world. I miss Texas. I miss my family and I miss my friends. Over and out!
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  1. I know its frustrating when things don't work out exactly as planned but in the construction industry its to be expected. Hang in there there will be nice surprises also. I am reading your blogs daily and am very intrested to see your progress.


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