I was so worried about The Mister. I was traveling all day and couldn't check in on him as often as I would have liked. Before I left he had orders to go to the doctor. I get a message from him telling me he was at the doctors but the reception was so bad I couldn't understand all that he said. We finally touched base once he was out of the clinic.

The Mister tells me he is feeling fine but I know he is only saying that so I don't worry. I get an e-mail from Jerry and I come to find out his foot is the size of a small country. Thank God he is at the studio tomorrow and not working from home where he seems to attract all sorts of danger.

If his foot is the size of a small country, does that mean he is getting close to world domination?


  1. Good to know that while he is in the hospital he can't get hurt.WOW!! What progress!! Ness, you guys have such a great crew of people working with you. That's actually rare in the construction industry.

  2. Yes, we really lucked out. We are so blessed to have found a great team. From the people that helped find and finance our house, to the crew. WE ARE IN AWE!


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