Shady Loan Officer

Our pre-approval with Bank of America had expired and we needed to get pre-approved all over again. We wanted to go through B of A but we didn't have the best experience with our loan officer. She was offering a very competitive rate except she kept doing things that raised a few red flags. For example:

  • Each time we were in her office she pulled out a stack of MLS listings and kept pushing for us to use her realtor because according to her it was taking us too long to find a home. The first time she said that to us, we were on week two of our search.
  • When we put in our first offer she asked the address of the property. We gave her the address and after a long drawn out pause she responded with, "I don't think that one is going to happen, so keep looking".
  • And she would constantly say to us, "Remember this is not your dream home, it's your first home so don't be too picky."
Um... Yeah, we thought that was a little strange. So as you can see we had no desire to go back to her. And luckily we didn't have to because we found someone else!

Anyone have this experience with a Loan Officer at B of A or anywhere else? Or if you know of anyone who you would highly recommend and had a good/ bad experience with please share!

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